Having grown up with a critical, domineering mother and an ineffectual detached father, Abbie Winters, at nineteen years of age, lacks friends, confidence and self-worth. That is, until she meets Doreen, a vivacious girl who works in the local grocer s. Doreen introduces Abbie to the joys of dancing at the Palace ballroom, and it s here that she meets Peter Horsfall, a sensitive, kind young airman, who asks her for a date. Eva Winters is determined to prevent Abbie s friendship developing, but although she unwittingly succeeds in destroying Abbie s relationship with Peter, she cannot keep Doreen away. In 1942, together with Doreen, Abbie escapes by joining the Land Army where, with the freedom and the fresh air, she blossoms into a most desirable young woman. Fate seems to be smiling on Abbie when she meets Peter again, by chance, in Norfolk and they fall passionately in love. Can they dare believe that, this time, their happiness will survive Eva Winters violent disapproval and the risks and horrors of war?

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