This atlas features sequential pictures for most reconstructive urology procedures, also covering laparoscopic assisted procedures such as orthotopic neobladder and ileocystoplasty. Unlike many other titles covering this subject however, illustrations in the majority of chapters in this work are drawn purely from a single case, allowing the reader to chart such complex surgeries step-by-step.Laparoscopic assisted procedures drastically reduce the operative time required, and those surgeons with moderate familiarity with urology and laparoscopic process should be able to complete these operations comfortably.Though the use of advanced technology is described, the book has been constructed in such a way that urologists from both developed and developing countries would be able to pick up the technical tips featured to perform the laparoscopic procedures also using simplified devices.This book also deals with some of the unusual situations or complications that the vastly experienced authors have personally faced in their careers to date, offering problem-solving tips and pitfalls to avoid, accompanied again by diagrams or photographs where appropriate.

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