Professionals are a growing group in China and they increasingly make their presence felt in governance and civil society. At the same time however, the professions are under increasing pressure in the West - from commercialism or scepticism about their ability to rise above self-interest. a This book focuses on professionals in China and asks whether developing countries have a fateful choice: to embrace Western models of professional organization as they now exist, or to set off on an independent path, adapting elements of Western practices to their own historical and cultural situations. In doing so, the authors in this volume discuss a wealth of issues including: the historic antecedents of modern Chinese professionalism; the implication of professionalism as an import in China; the impact of socialism, the developmental state and rampant commercialism on the professions in China; and the feasibility of liberal professions in an illiberal state. To conclude the book considers if there might be an emerging professionalism with Chinese characteristics and how this might have an impact on the professions elsewhere.a Prospects for the Professions in China will be of interest to students and scholars of Chinese Studies, law, sociology, medical studies and cultural studies.

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