Sci-Fi Novel Chronicles a Self Proclaimed Prophet, as he recruits disciples and launches a New Religion. When his followers turn him onto the Grateful Dead he teams up with spirit of Jerry Garcia to save the Planet from greed, hate and terrorismHe teaches a discipline which allows his followers to journey in other realms. Not when they die. Not by praying, not by performing a set of archaic rituals. He preaches a discipline that allows its participants to be one with the universe, right here and now by aligning their VIBRATIONS with the PRIME FREQUENCY of the CREATOR. He calls his temples of enlightenment 'SPHERE'S', they soon dot five continents. But who is this enigma and what is the true purpose for this visit? To assist him in this undertaking are such notable icons as JESUS, and Mohammed. However, as the movement expands from a fledgling non-profit, to a world renowned phenomenon, there are some that want him stopped, at any cost. Among these, Evangelical Fanatics, Muslim Extremists and a wealthy Realtor, who has a personal score to settle. If you are from Philly, there are dozens of local references, especially, the Oxford Circle, Castor Garden's area of the Northeast . From the Delaware Water-Gap to the Tacony/Palmyra Bridge. I hope you enjoy reading this novel as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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