Reeds Marine Surveying is an expanded and updated new edition of the author's Handbook of Marine Surveying.Aimed at students of marine surveying, professional marine surveyors,boatyard operators and technically-minded boat owners, it covers thelatest marine surveying technology, including analysis of themechanical behaviour of materials, failure analysis, stressconcentration, fatigue and fracture, corrosion, wood-damagingorganisms, polymer chemistry, and the composition and characteristicsof common plastics, metal, alloys and composite materials. There is also a useful survey checklist that provides practical techniques and hints for conducting a survey.'A mass of information on different materials used in boatbuilding plus their failure mechanisms... an excellent book' www.nonstopyacht.com 'A concise collection of practical, theoretical and regulatory information' Sailing 'Now it all makes sense!' William F Buckley

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