Top Fun Things to Do List 1. Snowboard down a hot fudge sundae 2. Surf big waves in the bathtub 3. Go trampolining on a marshmallow Daniel Funk has finally figured out how to control his shrinking, and his tiny twin brother, Pablo, couldn't be happier. Pablo makes a list of all the fun things they can do together, and the boys embark on a day of toe-sized fun. Then Daniel's Science Club holds a model rocket launch at the La Brea Tar Pits, and Daniel comes up with the best idea of all: He and Pablo will launch themselves into the air for a teeny-tiny rocket ride! But things take a turn for the dangerous when Daniel's rocket takes a nosedive into the tar pits. Will Daniel make it out in one piece? Or will he become an itty-bitty fossil? Lin Oliver's signature wit and Stephen Gilpin's hilarious illustrations mix big humor with teeny-tiny twins in one exciting rocket ride of an adventure.

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