Christine Keelers name is as synonymous with the sexual revolution as the Pill. Her short affair with the Minister for War, John Profumo, led to the downfall of Harold Macmillans government and was at the epicenter of the social and political earthquake that followed. What she can now tell with mature insight will shatter all preconceptions. This is the lifes journey of a woman whom history had refused to let go, who can never escape being Christine Keeler. She is a headline forever. This is a compulsive account of her enormous personal sacrifice, her unstinting resolve and her triumphant survival. What Christine Keeler has finally found herself brave enough to tell rewrites history. Setting the record straight and revealing the truth about all the misconceptions that have amassed over the years Christine Keeler tells her side of events in her own words. Set to grab the headlines once again the Profumo affair has captivated people across the generations who are fascinated by the how the actions of one woman could bring down an entire government.

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