The book covers all aspects of thyroid cancer, including nodules, pathology, thyroid and whole-body scans, ultrasounds, and other nuclear medicine and radiological studies, as well as follow-up testing and prognosis. It tackles the treatment of differentiated thyroid cancer (the commonest variety) and all aspects of the management including surgery, the role and logistics of radioactive iodine and long-term prescription of thyroid hormone. Also included are images and up to-date procedures such as fused Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (PET/CT) images. A pocket-sized easily accessible source of information to supplement existing large texts, this book provides a handy reference for everyday use for physicians, including primary care doctors, practitioners and trainees in endocrinology, nuclear medicine, oncology, surgery, otolaryngology, radiation and medical oncology, and internal medicine. It will also be a resource for residents, medical students, nurse practitioners, and patients.

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