There are more than 5,400 timeshare resorts in destinations as diverse as England and Africa, Orlando and Shanghai. More than 3 million North Americans own timeshares around the world. Is timeshare ownership for you? Packed with information for current and prospective owners, this guide points out the plusses and the pitfalls and lets you in on the smartest ways to buy, sell, or swap timeshares. It covers:Questions to ask yourselfQuestions to ask timeshare sales representativesAn overview of the types of timeshare ownershipAn update on variations on traditional timeshare vacationsFinancing, maintenance fees, assessments, and other economic considerationsLike every For Dummies travel guide, Timeshare vacations For Dummies includes:Down-to-earth trip-planning adviceWhat to look forand what to look out forWhich options best fit your budget and your vacation styleHandy Post-it Flags to mark your favorite pages

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