Customers are interested in products and services that fulfill their needs and wants. If a customer doesn't have a perceived need or want then it is unlikely that they will buy. As an experienced salesperson, you must create need and motivate your customers to want to own or use the products and services that you sell.This Learning Short-take combines self-study with workplace activities to help you understand the elements of customer motivation. You will develop tips, tricks and techniques to encourage your customers to start or continue to do business with you, and get the products and services that they need. This Learning Short-take is designed for completion in approximately 90 minutes.Learning Objectives Explain the psychology of buying and the elements of customer motivation. Explain the importance of creating value for customers and the impact on customer motivation. Identify value opportunities in your business. Explain why customers buy and the impact of buying objectives and buying influences. Develop strategies for aligning customer behavior types with need creation opportunities. Create a Skills Development Action Plan.

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