When Marcy Singer opened her popular embroidery shop in Tallulah Falls, Oregon, she never expected to find herself at the skein of the crime! It's late September, and the entire town is preparing for the weeklong Renaissance Faire. Marcy has been making and embellishing dresses for her friends, and she's planning to set up a booth at the Faire. But to her dismay, she discovers that her arch Nemesis, sourpuss Nellie, has the booth next door. That puts a stitch in her plans. Marcy is ready to bury the hatchet. But then Nellie's sister is found murdered--strangled with the scarf she was almost finished knitting. There are plenty of suspects: Marcy, the falconer, other RenFaire attendees, and even Marcy's cop boyfriend Ted. Somehow or other, Marcy must get to the bottom of this yarn!

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