Ada Howard is the wife of the preacher at Nashvilles Full Love Baptist Tabernacle. With a whole congregation to help tend to, plus the kids at the daycare where she works, two grown daughters, and two ailing parents, Adas busy taking care of a lot of people. She hardly has time to take care of herself. And her husbands been so busy lately shes suspicious some other woman may be taking care of him... Then it comes: the announcement of her 25-year reunion in twelve months time, signed with a wink by her old flame. Ada gets to thinking about the thrills of young love lost, and the 100 or so pounds shes gained, and she decides its high time for a Health and Beauty Revival. So she starts laying down some rules. The first rule is: Dont Keep Doing What Youve Always Been Doing. And so begins a long journey... Adas Rules is an action plan to change a body and a life -- but its also about falling back in love with the life youve got.

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