After nearly being killed by both a hired hit man and her former secretary, Agatha Raisin could use some low-key cases. So when Robert Smedley walks through the door, determined to prove that his wife is cheating, Raisin Investigations immediately offers to help.Trouble is, Agatha hates divorce cases - especially when she's been hired by Smedley - but she has a business to run now and she's not about to turn away a paying client. Unfortunately for Agatha, Mabel Smedley appears to be the perfect wife, young, pretty and a regular volunteer at church. But just as Agatha is ready to give up, Smedley is poisoned with weed killer, leaving Mabel, the prime suspect, to inherit a fortune.With no one left to pay her, Agatha decides to drop the case... that is until her old friend Sir Charles Fraith turns up again to rekindle her curiousity.

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