Praise for Aligning Training for Results "If you follow the PAL process, you will get the desired training result! The process includes clearly defined, well–structured tools that will definitely benefit both training professionals and line managers to achieve training effectiveness." —Han Qing, director, Siemens Management Institute "Ron?s book is a much–needed contribution to the training profession and provides a refreshing view of how a results–centered training process should function. ?His process provides the guidance to initiate and sustain alignment with the business, and his tools and templates provide the how–to." —Stephen M. R. Covey, best–selling author of The Speed of Trust "At last, a book I can use as a guide to ensure that our programs are designed for business needs and stay aligned throughout the training process to achieve business results. A great contribution to our profession and a great resource for training fellows." —Sunny Niu Peie,...

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