The first all-in-one reference for the beet-sugar industryBeet-Sugar Handbook is a practical and concise reference for technologists, chemists, farmers, and research personnel involved with the beet-sugar industry. It covers:* Basics of beet-sugar technology* Sugarbeet farming* Sugarbeet processing* Laboratory methods of analysisThe book also includes technologies that improve the operation and profitability of the beet-sugar factories, such as:* Juice-softening process* Molasses-softening process* Molasses-desugaring process* Refining cane-raw sugar in a beet-sugar factoryThe book ends with a review of the following:* Environmental concerns of a beet-sugar factory* Basics of science related to sugar technology* Related tables for use in calculationsWritten in a conversational, engaging style, the book is user friendly and practical in its presentation of relevant scientific and mathematical concepts for readers without a significant background in these areas. For ease of use, the book highlights important notes, defines technical terms, and presents units in both metric and British systems. Operating problem-solving related to all stations of sugarbeet processing, frequent practical examples, and given material/energy balances are other special features of this book.

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