This book is the first in English to explore both Belaruss complicated road to nationhood and to examine in detail its politics and economics since 1991, the nations first year of true independence. Andrew Wilson focuses particular attention on Aliaksandr Lukashenkas surprising longevity as president, despite human rights abuses and involvement in yet another rigged election in December 2010.Wilson looks at Belarusian history as a series of false starts in the medieval and pre-modern periods, and at the many rival versions of Belarusian identity, culminating with the Soviet Belarusian project and the establishment of Belaruss current borders during World War II. He also addresses Belaruss on-off relationship with Russia, its simultaneous attempts to play a game of balance in the no-mans-land between Russia and the West, and how, paradoxically, Belarus is at last becoming a true nation under the rule of Europes last dictator.&#8221

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