The war in South Africa is finally over - and the whites have lost. Andrea and her virginal sister Cecelia are rounded up by the victorious army of Hakeen and taken away to a processing centre where they are humiliatingly examined before being classified and sent on again to holding camps. There the white women are taught to call the black government officials Master and Mistress and are drilled into speaking words of Bantu. The training is intensive, with electric shocks used to deliver pleasure for the right answers and excruciating pain for wrong ones. After this they are publicly displayed before being sold at auction. Andrea's purchaser is Mistress Dominika N'kuba, who owns a large area of land where she cultivates rice - and white babies. Andrea is told she must get pregnant within a very short space of time or suffer the consequences. From then on Andrea's life is one of sexual servitude to the white slaves so that she can breed pure white babies and, when out of 'season, to the black overseers employed to keep all the whites under control. Eventually she becomes the trusted slave of the chief overseer and knows truly in her heart that all she has ever craved is the feeling of total black domination.

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