An essential guide to business valuation and bankruptcyBusiness Valuation and Bankruptcy helps you-whether you are an accountant dealing with a troubled company, a lender, an investor, a bankruptcy and restructuring lawyer/financial advisor, or a private equity player-to focus on solving everyday and case determinative disputes when creditors, lenders, and debtors have differing views of value.Introducing valuation issues early on in the restructuring/bankruptcy process so you can plan accordingly, this book offersMany real life case examples, case descriptions, and tables to demonstrate the applicable sections of the Bankruptcy LawsA review of the methods, applications, pros and cons of restructuring with the basic tools to understanding itA description of the life cycle of a troubled company and the various stages of a restructuringAn analysis of the valuation issues that confront practitioners in the real world of application of the lawBusiness Valuation and Bankruptcy is written in terms that are common to bankruptcy professionals and is essential, timely reading for players in the bankruptcy and restructuring environment.

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