Detailing the history of probability, this book examines the classic problems of probability, many of which have shaped the field, and emphasizes problems that are counter-intuitive by nature. Classic Problems of Probability is rich in the history of probability while keeping the explanations and discussions as accessible as possible. Each of 33 presented problems contains listing of the latest relevant publications on the topic, and the author provides detailed and rigorous mathematical proofs as needed. For example, in the discussion of the Buffon needle problem, readers will find much more than the conventional discussion found in other books on the topic. The author discusses alternative proofs by Barbier that lead to much more profound and general results. The choice of random variables for which a uniform distribution is possible is also presented, which then naturally leads to a discussion on invariance. Other topics discusses include Cardano, the Chevalier de Mere paradoxes, Jacob Bernoulli and the law of large numbers, the discovery of the normal curve, the lady tasting tea, the Monty-Hall problem, and many more.

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