Cross-over trials are an important class of design used in the pharmaceutical industry and medical research, and their use continues to grow. Cross-over Trials in Clinical Research, Second Edition has been fully updated to include the latest methodology used in the design and analysis of cross-over trials. It includes more background material, greater coverage of important statistical techniques, including Bayesian methods, and discussion of analysis using a number of statistical software packages.* Comprehensive coverage of the design and analysis of cross-over trials.* Each technique is carefully explained and the mathematics is kept to a minimum.* Features many real and original examples, taken from the author's vast experience.* Includes discussion of analysis using SAS, S-Plus and, GenStat, StatXact and Excel.* Written in a style suitable for statisticians and physicians alike.* Computer programs to accompany the examples in the book can be downloaded from the WebPrimarily aimed at statisticians and researchers working in the pharmaceutical industry, the book will also appeal to physicians involved in clinical research and students of medical statistics.

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