Amnesiac Eric Norton wakes up in a police interrogation room burned from a meth lab explosion. As he tries to remember his past, his criminal employers and the police track his every move, both hoping to discover what Eric knows. However, Eric1s confused memories are so entrenched in obscure drug-related street slang that even he can1t make sense of them. After taking a mysterious new drug called AskinA2 - a drug that synthesizes the sensations of touch, Eric slowly begins to remember his life as a clandestine chemist and his relationship with an enigmatic woman named Desiree. But as Eric tries to piece together which memories are real and which are fabricated, he learns that finding your past can be just as painful as losing it.About the Author:Craig Clevenger was born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in Southern California where he studied English at California State University, Long Beach. He has traveled extensively and lived in Dublin and London and currently resides in San Francisco. His first novel The Cortontionist's Handbook garnered a cult following nationwide.

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