e–Learning Solutions on a Shoestring No matter how limited your training budget may be, e–Learning Solutions on a Shoestring is filled with the nuts–and–bolts information needed to incorporate e–learning solutions into your organization at minimal cost. The book offers myriad strategies for recycling, reusing, and repurposing resources; negotiating reasonable expenses for "store bought" e–learning products; and incorporating real–world ideas for assembling tools, techniques, and strategies into workplace solutions. "Effective training is key to preparing our workforce for the demands and challenges of the global economy. This book highlights the fact that, even on a limited budget, there are many tools available online that will increase efficiency and improve productivity in businesses, government agencies, and other organizations." —Michael F. Easley, governor, State of North Carolina "I adore bargains and this book points the way to online learning bargains that help...

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