Effective Operations and Controls for the Small Privately Held Business "Rob Reider is the ultimate ?on–target? consultant to the small business. Whether you are just starting out or have been in a small business for years, this book is a must–read. It is concise, clear, organized and addresses the management, financial, and personnel issues that confront and often destroy small business?eighty percent of all the businesses in America." ?Tom Torgerson, CPA, President, Torgerson AssociatesManagement and Financial Consultants "Dr. Reider?s emphasis on first understanding the small business environment and then identifying and integrating individual business goals addresses a critical entry point for new business owners. His detailed advice around realistic issues emphasizes a solutions–based orientation that provides even the novice with keys to successful business practices." ?Linda Lippitt, PhD, Director, Learning Legacies "Rob Reider is an experienced...

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