A high-level introduction to new technologies andmethods in the field of software engineeringRecent years have witnessed rapid evolution of software engineering methodologies, and until now, there has been no single-source introduction to emerging technologies in the field. Written by a panel of experts and divided into four clear parts, Emerging Methods, Technologies, and Process Management in SoftwareEngineering covers:Software Architectures Evolution of software composition mechanisms; compositionality in software product lines; and teaching design patternsEmerging Methods The impact of agent-oriented software engineering in service-oriented computing; testing object-oriented software; the UML and formal methods; and modern Web application developmentTechnologies for Software Evolution Migrating to Web services and software evolution analysis and visualizationProcess Management Empirical experimentation in software engineering and foundations of agile methodsEmerging Methods, Technologies, and Process Management in Software Engineering is a one-stop resource for software engineering practitioners and professionals, and also serves as an ideal textbook for undergraduate and graduate students alike.

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