This practical resource includes perspectives from the point of view of both plaintiff and defendant for cases involving questions of race, gender, disability, and age. In addition, it offers an overview of the process by which complaints are filed, the statutes under which they are filed, and the authority represented by various case law. Employment Discrimination Litigation will illuminate myriad issues such as Daubert motions, class certification issues, the setting of cut scores that will withstand challenge, common statistical analyses of adverse impact, and merit-based issues. Employment Discrimination Litigation alsoPresents a temporal description of a typical employment discrimination case from start to finishOutlines the major guidelines that are often invoked in employment litigationthe A.P.A. Standards, Uniform Guidelines, and SIOP PrinciplesReviews litigation related to the Fair Labor Standards ActReferences written judicial opinions that relate the activities and devices most often employed by industrial and organizational psychologists

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