Question: How can I best evaluate the environmental impact and find the risk of water pollution from wastewater disposal? Answer: This book shows you the way! In a unique and comprehensive manner, questions of risk and reliability in water quality are analyzed. And more than that: The author also develops a methodology to evaluate the environmental impact of wastewater disposal on rivers, groundwater and coastal areas.Major topics covered include: fuzzy set theory for engineering risk analysis/ uncertainty analysis of water quantity and quality data/ stochastic and fuzzy simulation of hydrosystems: model selection under uncertainty, water quality control and management in rivers and aquifers, risk in coastal pollution/ decision theory under uncertainty: groundwater pollution, risk management, risk-cost trade-offs In addition, numerous case studies deepen the reader's understanding of the methods and techniques presented. Jacques Ganoulis from the University of Thessaloniki has written extensively on groundwater hydraulics, surface hydrology and coastal water quality.

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