Here, Professor J. Otera brings together for the first time the combined knowledge about this elementary yet multifaceted reaction. Starting from the methodical basics right up to practical applications, this book represents a comprehensive overview of this type of reaction, saving readers time-consuming research among the literatureand not just in practical matters. All set to become a standard reference for every organic chemist.From the contents:MethodologyReaction of Alcohols with Carboxylic Acids and Their DerivativesReactions with Carboxylic AcidsReaction with Esters: TransesterificationReaction with Acid AnhydridesReaction with Acid Halides and Related CompoundsConversion of Alcohols to Esters through CarbonylationSynthetic ApplicationsKinetic ResolutionEnzymatic ResolutionNonenzymatic ResolutionAsymmetric DesymmetrizationDeacetylation through TransesterificationSelective EsterificationApplications to Natural Product SynthesisNew Reaction MediaIndustrial UsesNote: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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