How to build and operate GPS receivers-a working resource for engineersWhile GPS receivers abound in numerous applications, much of the information on their design is scattered in disparate and hard-to-find places. This new work provides engineers who use and design GPS systems with a much-needed comprehensive reference on the operational principles guiding this important technology. With an emphasis on software-based signal processing-a cutting-edge approach expected to dominate future integration of GPS receivers into cellular phones-the book covers all aspects of receiver technology as well as the relevant navigation schemes. Concentrating on civilian C/A code used by commercial GPS receivers (rather than military code), Fundamentals of Global Positioning System Receivers:Describes GPS basics and the constellation of satellites that comprise the GPS systemExamines in detail GPS signal structure, acquisition, and trackingPresents the mathematical formulas for calculating a user's positionIllustrates the application of important equations using computer programsExplains how to build hardware to collect digitized data for a software GPS receiverIncludes a chapter demonstrating a GPS receiver following the signal flow

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