Praise for Gimme! "Gimme! is a must–read for the marketing professional. Hallward brings together robust data, a deep understanding of consumer values, a knowledge of advertising, and great insights that make Gimme! an indispensable resource for marketing executives everywhere." ?Tracy Hampton, Senior Vice President, Research Services, Visa USA "Gimme! is a fun and very practical read. It shares over twenty years of Hallward?s research experience, studying, and reading. You won?t agree with it all, but you will find it all thoughtful and thought provoking. What more can you ask from a book?" ?Bob Barocci, President and CEO, The Advertising Research Foundation "Gimme! is a fascinating book and compelling reading for anyone interested in any aspect of why we do what we do. The combination of real data, personal experience, and genetic evolutionary theory is unique in its ability to help us learn how to do better in the future." ?Kate Sirkin, Executive Vice...

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