THE FRIDAY JINX Are we ready to start, girls? called Mrs. Vernon, the Captain of Dandelion Troop of Girl Scouts, as she glanced at her protegees seated in two large touring cars. Ready! Why, Verny, we've been waiting for you these ten minutes, retorted Juliet Lee, one of the original members of the troop. And we're just crazy to be off before that black cloud overhead adds to mother's fear lest I never come home again, added Ruth Bentley, another of the first four girl scouts of Elmertown. Well, then, it seems that all the baggage and outfit we need with us on the trip is safely stowed away, eh, Jim? said Mrs. Vernon, looking at the driver of the other car. Everything that I found waiting to be packed when I drove up to the side door, replied the chauffeur. All right! Then we're off, folkses, but we'll send you word the moment we arrive at Old Forge in the Adirondacks, called Mrs. Vernon, to the crowd of relatives of the various girls, all gathered to watch the scouts drive away. Good-by! Good-by! now shouted many girlish voices, and Good-by! Good-by! was shouted back as the two seven-passenger cars started on the long journey

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