A visual journey through the history of landscape designFor thousands of years, people have altered the meaning of space by reshaping nature. As an art form, these architectural landscape creations are stamped with societal imprints unique to their environment and place in time.Illustrated History of Landscape Design takes an optical sweep of the iconic landscapes constructed throughout the ages. Organized by century and geographic region, this highly visual reference uses hundreds of masterful pen-and-ink drawings to show how historical context and cultural connections can illuminate today's design possibilities.This guide includes:Storyboards, case studies, and visual narratives to portray spacesPlan, section, and elevation drawings of key spacesSummaries of design concepts, principles, and vocabulariesHistoric and contemporary works of art that illuminate a specific eraDescriptions of how the landscape has been shaped over time in response to human needDirecting both students and practitioners along a visually stimulating timeline, Illustrated History of Landscape Design is a valuable educational tool as well as an endless source ofinspiration.

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