This second edition of the best-selling book, Improving On-The-Job Training, provides professional trainers, HR managers, and line managers with a hands-on resource for installing a low-cost, low tech approach to planned on-the-job training program that will improve real-time work performance throughout an entire organization. A comprehensive volume, Improving On-The-Job TrainingOffers guidelines for establishing an OJT program.Outlines the key management issues that should be addressed when starting up a program.Describes effective methods of training the trainers and learners.Shows how to identify the need for planned on-the-job-training.Explains how to analyze work, worker, and workplace OJT.Offers vital information for preparing and presenting on-the-job training.Illustrates how to evaluate results of OJT.Describes aids to planned on-the-job training.Includes six valuable lessons about planned OJT programs.

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