Andrew Fraser's bestselling and controversial true-crime memoirs are now beingadapted into an exciting new television series called Killing Time! After being convicted and disbarred, Fraser became the confidant of one ofAustralia's most notorious serial killers, Peter Dupas. What he learned madehim the Homicide Squad's secret weapon. Angry at his treatment in jail and athis excessive sentence, the long-time defence lawyer enjoyed the irony of hissituation: the authorities who destroyed his career now needed his cooperation. There was never any doubt that Andrew would give evidence, even though heknew that the defence would try to destroy his credibility, dredging up the pasthe so desperately wanted to forget. Fraser paints a vivid picture of the grim,terrifying and futile reality of maximum security prison life and of his time spentwith the murderers, psychopaths and paedophiles. Lunatic Soup relates hisharrowing experiences of the justice system, as a prisoner, and on the stand as awitness in a murder trial.

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