Litigation is like war, BabyBarista. Read this and learn.Its BabyBaristas first day as a pupil barrister in chambers. Never mind his legal qualifications; its his summer working in Starbucks thats going to stand him in good stead, since coffee-making seems to be his chief responsibility (with the odd bout of photocopying to relieve the tedium). Hes got one year to make his mark and prove by foul means or fair that, out of the four pupil barristers, hes the one who deserves to stay on and win the sought-after prize of a tenancy in chambers. Its sort of like Big Brother, but with little horsehair wigs.Once assigned to a pupilmaster, an oily character he calls TheBoss, BabyB retreats to his tiny desk in a dusty corner to consider the competition: TopFirst, a Cambridge graduate with a prizewinning CV and an ego to match; BusyBody, a human whirlwind on a husband hunt; and finally wide-eyed Worrier, who carries the world on her anxious shoulders. 'If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles, says Sun Tzu, whose book The Art of War is becoming BabyBs bible. Quietly, he smiles to himself, and begins to make some plans... Puncturing pomposity and exposing injustice with subversive wit, this diary of a nobody is an hilarious tour around the modern bar.

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