With physical properties that often may not be described by the transposition of physical laws from 3D space across to 2D or even 1D space, low-dimensional solids exhibit a high degree of anisotropy in the spatial distribution of their chemical bonds. This means that they can demonstrate new phenomena such as charge-density waves and can display nanoparticulate (0D), fibrous (1D) and lamellar (2D) morphologies.This text presents some of the most recent research into the synthesis and properties of these solids and covers:Metal Oxide NanoparticlesInorganic Nanotubes and NanowiresBiomedical Applications of Layered Double HydroxidesCarbon Nanotubes and Related StructuresSuperconducting BoridesIntroducing topics such as novel layered superconductors, inorganic-DNA delivery systems and the chemistry and physics of inorganic nanotubes and nanosheets, this book discusses some of the most exciting concepts in this developing field.Additional volumes in the Inorganic Materials Book Series:Molecular MaterialsFunctional OxidesPorous MaterialsEnergy MaterialsAll volumes are sold individually or as comprehensive 5 Volume Set.

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