An authoritative view of Maxwell's Equations that takes theory to practiceMaxwell's Equations is a practical guide to one of the most remarkable sets of equations ever devised. Professor Paul Huray presents techniques that show the reader how to obtain analytic solutions for Maxwell's equations for ideal materials and boundary conditions. These solutions are then used as a benchmark for solving real-world problems. Coverage includes:An historical overview of electromagnetic concepts before Maxwell and how we define fundamental units and universal constants todayA review of vector analysis and vector operations of scalar, vector, and tensor productsElectrostatic fields and the interaction of those fields with dielectric materials and good conductorsA method for solving electrostatic problems through the use of Poisson's and Laplace's equations and Green's functionElectrical resistance and power dissipation; superconductivity from an experimental perspective; and the equation of continuityAn introduction to magnetism from the experimental inverse square of the Biot-Savart law so that Maxwell's magnetic flux equations can be deducedMaxwell's Equations serves as an ideal textbook for undergraduate students in junior/senior electromagnetics courses and graduate students, as well as a resource for electrical engineers.

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