“… the best handbook on membrane technology, which is currently on the market... ”–Membrane News (on the previous edition)This new edition of a successful title presents an authoritative overview of separation membranes, their theoretical underpinnings, manufacture and use.The first four chapters cover the basics of membrane science, including transport theory, membrane and module preparation, and concentration polarization. This material is presented with a clarity that makes it readily accessible to the beginner, yet is sufficiently thorough to be a valuable refresher for the experienced membranologist.   Thereafter, each major membrane application, including reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, gas separation, pervaporation, and electrodialysis, is treated in its own chapter.Topics covered include membrane materials, process design, technical and economic comparison with other separations technologies, and integration with other plant operations.Emphasis throughout is on industrial practice, and numerous tables present real life performance data and operating parameters that are seldom available in the open literature.New to this third edition:Material on fuel cells has been added to the ion exchange membrane chapter.Bioethanol (almost absent in the last edition) is covered in the pervaporation chapter.The chapter on medical applications has been fully revised to incorporate new membrane applications targeted towards blood purification, artificial organs and tissue engineering.Battery separators and chlor-alkali membranes are covered.Greenhouse gas capture and sequestration have been included in the gas separation chapter.

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