When beautiful Lucy Browne, orphaned, penniless and fresh from the country, finds herself abandoned in London, she has no idea of the pitfalls. It is during the last quarter of the 18th century, an era of vice and debauchery. She is completely innocent and falls into the clutches of a brothel madam who pretends to befriend her, and then sells her to the highest bidder - aristocratic rake, Lord Tarquin, an expert in punishment. As her cruel master, he robs Lucy of her virginity and submits her to slavery, teaching her the painful pleasures of correction and bondage. She is fascinated by him, but wilful and confused, falls in love with a poor student, Charles Prescot. But they are forced to part. She becomes the mistress of a perverted old nobleman, and is soon renowned for her extravagance and wild parties. She is pursued by Lord Tarquin, and finds Charles again, but she is now a woman of substance. Will she continue to be a notorious courtesan? Will she be Lord Tarquin's slave, or marry Charles, or do all three The choice is hers.

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