Most research in the life sciences involves a core set of molecular-based equipment and methods, for which there is no shortage of step-by-step protocols. Nonetheless, there remains an exceedingly high number of inquiries placed to commercial technical support groups, especially regarding problems.Molecular Biology Problem Solver: A Laboratory Guide asks the reader to consider crucial questions, such as:Have you selected the most appropriate research strategy?Have you identified the issues critical to your successful application of a technique?Are you familiar with the limitations of a given technique?When should common procedural rules of thumb not be applied?What strategies could you apply to resolve a problem?A unique question-based format reviews common assumptions and laboratory practices, with the aim of offering a firm understanding of how techniques and procedures work, as well as how to avoid problems. Some major issues explored by the book's expert contributors include:Working safely with biological samples and radioactive materialsDNA and RNA purificationPCRProtein and nucleid acid hybridizationProkaryotic and eukaryotic expression systemsProperly using and maintaining laboratory equipment

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