Everything your nonprofit needs to know about accounting, tax, and reporting requirements As every organization ultimately discovers, not–for–profit status does not simplify but rather seems to complicate financial structure and reporting obligations. These challenges, however, can be well met. Now in a Fourth Edition, Not–for–Profit Accounting, Tax, and Reporting Requirements offers not–for–profit managers, bookkeepers, and volunteers, as well as auditing CPA firms, a peerless reference for this dynamic field. Filled with dozens of checklists, sample letters, and illustrative charts demonstrating how to apply the principles and requirements described in practice, this step–by–step guide helps not–for–profits apply for tax–exempt status, handle IRS audits, set up a wholly owned taxable subsidiary, anticipate tax implications of lobbying expenses, and perform a host of other functions. Completely revised and expanded, the Fourth Edition features new coverage on: ...

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