This title brings together a variety of papers presented at the 9th annual Meso meeting in 2007. The topics selected for Meso 2007 are designed to illustrate the relation of thresholds to multiscaling:Flow through capillary tubes in contrast to pipesLaminar and turbulent flow transitionHeat convection of thin wires in contrast to cylindersElectrical conductance of macro- and nano-circuitsRubbery and glassy polymersSingle- and poly-crystal behaviorStrength of wires and round cylindrical barsUni-axial and multi-axial material: linear and non-linear responseThin and thick plate behaviorBrittle and ductile fractureSmall and large crack growth behaviorLow and high temperature effectsLocal and global material property characteristicsSmall and large bodies: size and time effectsSpecimen and structure

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