In the last fifty years, there has been a growing interest in the power of polarities as it relates to leadership and business success. Whether referred to as paradoxes, dilemmas or polarities, research shows that leaders and organizations who manage them well outperform those who don't. Effective leaders manage the "genius of the and." Through a combination of experience, intuition, and hard-earned wisdom, these leaders develop the ability to look within complex issues, identify interdependent pairs in tension (polarities) and capitalize on that tension. We all have a degree of ability in managing polarities because they are such a central part of our daily lives. Yet most leaders lack an explicit model and set of principles to both enhance their skills with these issues and to collaborate with others to intentionally manage them better. The use of the Polarity Map is a great container for organizing and making explicit the wisdom that comes from experience.In Power Surge, Margaret Seidler takes the basic principles of Polarity Management and translates them to raise self-awareness for both personal and work relationships. Polarity Management principles provide a broader view and give clarity to what makes you strong and potentially stronger. The principles apply whether you're a leader of a company, an employee, a parent, or a partner to a significant other.

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