Practical Approaches to Reliability Theory in Cutting-Edge ApplicationsProbabilistic Reliability Models helps readers understand and properly use statistical methodsand optimal resource allocation to solve engineering problems.The author supplies engineers with a deeper understanding of mathematical models while alsoequipping mathematically oriented readers with a fundamental knowledge of the engineeringrelatedapplications at the center of model building. The book showcases the use of probabilitytheory and mathematical statistics to solve common, real-world reliability problems. Followingan introduction to the topic, subsequent chapters explore key systems and models including:• Unrecoverable objects and recoverable systems• Methods of direct enumeration• Markov models and heuristic models• Performance effectiveness• Time redundancy• System survivability• Aging units and their related systems• Multistate systemsDetailed case studies illustrate the relevance of the discussed methods to real-world technicalprojects including software failure avalanches, gas pipelines with underground storage, andintercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) control systems. Numerical examples and detailedexplanations accompany each topic, and exercises throughout allow readers to test theircomprehension of the presented material.Probabilistic Reliability Models is an excellent book for statistics, engineering, and operationsresearch courses on applied probability at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels. Thebook is also a valuable reference for professionals and researchers working in industry whowould like a mathematical review of reliability models and the relevant applications.

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