Rapid Paediatrics and Child Health This pocket guide is an ideal resource in everyday paediatrics and child health practice and a must for all medical students preparing for a major exam.Rapid Paediatrics and Child Health is the latest title in the new Rapid series and is the ideal companion for clinical students working on their paediatrics attachment. It provides quick access to information on common paediatric and child health diseases, defects and disorders, and problems encountered on the wards, in the clinic and in exams.Arranged in A-Z format, each topic is covered using the same headings Definition, Aetiology. Associations / Risk Factors, Epidemiology, History, Examinations, Pathology, Investigations, Management, Complications and Prognosis.A-Z format for easy and rapid access to informationStrict organisation of facts on each page following the Rapid series mnemonic with one page for each conditionHandy pocketbook for quick referenceWritten by students and junior doctors

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