The only professional resource to focus exclusively on research methods in forensic psychologyWith specific advice on topics of particular importance to forensic specialists, Research Methods in Forensic Psychology presents state-of-the-discipline summaries of the issues that relate to psychology and law research.Edited by renowned experts in the field, this resource features contributions by leading scholars in forensic psychology and law, with discussion of relevant topics such as:Meta-analysisJury decision makingInternet-based data collectionLegal research techniques for the social scientistOffender treatmentCompetence to stand trialCriminal profilingFalse confessions and interrogationsTrial-related psycho-legal issuesAccuracy of eyewitnesses and childrenViolence risk assessmentThis comprehensive guide is designed for a wide range of scholars and legal professionals, presenting a succinct overview of the field of psychology and law as viewed by some of the world's foremost experts.

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