If you want to change your life, you need to change your brain. "Dr. Arden paved the way for brain–based therapy and what the brain can do. It?s refreshing, practical, and innovative." —Kit S. Ng, Ph.D., Director, Asia Institute of Professional Psychology, Singapore "Rewire Your Brain translates fascinating developments in neuroscience into a powerful and practical guide to lasting change in our lives." —Liz Sheean, Editor, Psychotherapy in Australia Once thought to be "hard–wired," the brain is actually "soft–wired" by experience—meaning it is possible to rewire parts of your brain to improve everything from your mood and your memory to your relationships, sleeping habits, and more. Rewire Your Brain guides you through this breakthrough process, revealing how to minimize your anxiety and enhance your brain?s longevity in order to live a vibrant life free of self–imposed limitations. Written by Dr. John Arden, a leader in the field of brain–based therapy, this...

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