Praise for Seeing the Elephant "Creative and accessible . . . Peter Marber has earned his insights into globalization as a practitioner who studied emerging markets long before they became fashionable in the West. An inspiring, terrific book about the most important subject of our era."—Steve Coll, Pulitzer Prize winner and bestselling author of Ghost Wars and The Bin Ladens "On the money . . . . If you want to understand globalization?s future, as well as some of the reasons we got into our current financial mess, reading Marber?s Seeing the Elephant is a great place to start."—Craig Karmin, Wall Street Journal reporter and author of Biography of the Dollar: How the Mighty Buck Conquered the World and Why It?s Under Siege "Peter Marber is an original thinker who has managed to write a genuinely original book about globalization—a subject that has been exhausted by far too many more conventional analyses. His ?macro quantum? perspective on the world spotlights the...

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