Strategies for Protecting National Critical Infrastructure Assets eases the research burden, develops investigative protocols, and pulls together data into a comprehensive and practical guide, to help the serious reader understand advanced concepts and techniques of risk assessment with an emphasis on meeting the security needs of the critical national infrastructure. The text is divided into five major sections, which are further broken down by individual chapters, each addressing one element of risk assessment as well as focusing attention on applying the risk assessment methodology to a particular industry. This book establishes a new and acceptable approach for conducting risk assessments in a high-risk world. Helps the reader to understand advanced concepts and techniques of risk assessment Provides a quick, reliable, and practical "briefcase" reference to use in the office as well as on the road Introduces the elements of the risk assessment process by defining its purpose and objectives, describing the behavioural and physical sciences, the techniques employed in the process, and the measurement and evaluation tools and standards used to perform an objective risk assessment.

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