Toxicogenomics is the integration of genomics to toxicology. This technology is a powerful tool for collecting information from a large number of biological samples simultaneously and thus it is very useful for large-scale screening of potential toxicants.Toxicogenomics: A Powerful Tool For Toxicity Assessment provides up-to-date state-of-the-art information presented by the recognized experts, and is therefore an authoritative source of current knowledge in this field of research. The potential link between toxicology, genetics and human diseases makes this book very useful to investigators in many and varied disciplines of science and toxicology. Topics covered include:mechanistic toxicogenomicsanalysis and interpretation of toxicogenomic dataprinciples of data mining in toxicogenomicsdesign issues in toxicogenomics studiessources of variability in toxicogenomic assaysEscherichia coli stress response as a tool for detection of toxicitytoxicogenomics as a tool to assess immunotoxicitytoxicogenomics and ecogenomics for studying endocrine disruption and basic biologyuse of toxicogenomics as an early predictive tool for hepatotoxicitynutrigenomics: the application of genomic signatures in nutrition-related researchapplication of toxicogenomics in drug discoverypotential uses of toxicogenomic biomarkers in occupational health and risk assessmentusefulness of toxicogenomics in the regulatory environmentperspectives on toxicogenomics at the US Environmental Protection AgencyToxicogenomics: A Powerful Tool For Toxicity Assessment

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