As someone who has discovered her own flight pattern, I want to share this experience with others. I have chosen to donate the profits from my book - Transformation - to support funding for the Dare To Be You Foundation, which will support two main causes near and dear to my heart:1- To provide scholarships to underprivileged teenage boys and girls to attend workshops on how to discover their own flight patterns. I'm passionate about building a strong foundation for our youth and to help young people discover their strengths, their skills, their talents and what makes them happy. Often young people are left adrift in modern society with no real guidance to discover their own talents and skills. They sometimes have no outlet to learn about themselves or their passion. 2- To put my book in the hands of every woman who enters a shelter (for abused women) in North America. I believe that if a woman discovers her own self-worth and understands that if someone hurts her, abandons her or betrays her, it says nothing about her worth and everything about the other person's character. Thank you for supporting a dream by contributing to make this vision and dream a reality. Together we can make this foundation a success and help others discover their own flight patterns!To find out more, please visit

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